Ingo Metzmacher


Vorhang auf! Oper entdecken und erleben

Ingo Metzmacher writes about his great passion – the opera. Until the present day opera hasn't lost any of its appeal. What is it that puts us under its spell, making it impossible for us to resist? What does the music tell us which we otherwise fail to put into words? Ingo Metzmacher makes operas of four centuries come alive – a voyage of discovery beginning with Monteverdi, Mozart Verdi and Wagner and leading up to Alban Berg, Hans Werner Henze and Wolfgang Rihm.

2009, Rowohlt Berlin


Keine Angst vor neuen Tönen: Eine Reise in die Welt der Musik

How does what has never been heard before, as well as the unheard of, come into the world – in other words: how does new music originate? Is music absolutely free or is it bound to follow specific rules? What is the meaning and significance of silence in music? Is music capable of providing its own insights into the world in which we live? And why should we engage in listening to classical music today? Ingo Metzmacher doesn't approach these questions abstractly, but answers them by describing instances drawn from the history of music, by providing intricate portraits of selected composers and especially by sharing his individual insights gained through personal experience. His father as his role model, collaborations with musicians and opera directors, dialogues with composers and encounters with their music.

2005, Rowohlt Berlin